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  PMM History
The history of Narda Italy began in 1968, when the founder of the company, Salvatore Giulio Nicolosi, started to create the first radio devices in his warehouse in Diano Gorleri (IM). He graduated in economics but, overall, he was a radio-ham with the sign I1PMM, for this reason the devices were branded PMM.
 Tonino De Lorenzo in 1989 - Click to enlarge
Tonino De Lorenzo, IW1PCP a Radio Amateur, at the service station during the Laigueglia Trophy in 1971 with PMM equipment
Salvatore started creating filters and antenna amplifiers. They were advertised in the radio-ham magazines and they had an immediate success. So big to allow him to have his first two employees (Aldo Ricci and Tonino De Lorenzo).
The orders grew and grew and the enterprising Nicolosi decided to move the company into a better office for its development.
The new building was constructed in Regione Carenda di Rapalline 24 in Campochiesa d’Albenga with a garden around it of one hectare, planted with roses by Mrs. Nicolosi. This place became the legendary home of PMM- Electronic Construction.
A move took place in 1971 and the planning and the construction of the first receivers immediately began to be successful. Remember the devices called RT 2Z 144 MHz 10 W appeared several times in Italian police films and the following year the mythical 'Mac Carenda',. It was a transceiver for citizen bands that hid in the Scottish hip name, among the devices of that time, the address of the PMM.
In the middle of the 70’s the volcanic Nicolosi decided to change the kind of production betting on the new phenomenon of the Free Commercial Radio.


 SIT Center in 1983 - Click to enlarge
SIT Center n.08 in 1983


It was an enormous success for a little company like PMM, a real point of reference for the Ligurian electronic industry, the only work for few lucky students of the Technical Institute Galileo Ferraris. Between 1975 and 1980 approximately 1000 transmitters were produced every year and also power amplifiers and antennas.
The peak of this activity arrived in 1980 when the transmitter model “2016” obtained the homologation by the Italian Telecommunication Ministry and followed in 1984 with the model “3015 belgique” and the following homologation by the Belgian Telecommunication Ministry.
But the far sighted Nicolosi didn’t stop here and guessing ahead of his time the necessity of rules, to discipline the subject of radio noises, built an O.A.T.S. (Open Area Test Site) for tests between 3 and 10 meters, in the garden of Regione Carenda.In 1980 PMM obtained the qualification as SIT Centre n.08, the first private one in Italy for measuring voltage, frequency and power in radio frequencies. Therefore the production moved towards EMC receivers. To highlight the excellent spectrum analyzer called 8500A.
Meanwhile Nicolosi separated from his wife and they decided, together, to sell the company. From 1989 to 1992 the owner was a company from Milan called Vianello and a new sales office of PMM was opened in this city, under the management of Stelvio Pistolato, who passed away. Then, since 1992, a new and more enterprising owner raised and developed as a leading company in the EMC sector PMM achieving important and unthinkable results.
The stars of those years of big commercial success are the receiver
 PMM Testing Laboratory in 1983 - Click to enlarge
PMM Testing Laboratory in 1983
PMM 8010 for conducted noises and the PMM 8030 for those radiated, both of them conceived by our “guru” Mauro Isetta. He started working in PMM in 80’s with other memorable collaborators: Gino Spallaccia, Alessandro Rizzi (IW1RCU) and Tonino De Lorenzo (IK1BPF).
In the 90’s thanks to the skill and the abilities of Tonino, who is unforgettable and unfortunately has recently passed away, also the measure department went full sail and PMM became one of the first organizations authorized for EMC in Italy. From 1998, under the management of Domenico Festa (IZ2GAQ) and the care of Livio Siri (IK1HSL) the company obtained the ISO 9000 certification and moved into the present headquarters, more appropriate for international dealings that characterize PMM transactions.
Mauro Isetta is also the creator of the field meter called PMM 8053, another flagship of the company that has opened the important field of environmental safety.
For those who don’t know the PMM 8053 it’s the device normally used in the satirical newscast Striscia la Notizia by Capitan Ventosa, by Mr. Capelli (an old collaborator of PMM in the 70’s) and by the Gabibbo.
In 2001 PMM was bought by an American group called Narda, a branch of L3 Communication, but this is a recent story.

 Translation by Alberto Besseghini


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