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FR4003 Electric Field Receiver

The FR4003 is a new reference in measuring electric fields up to 30 MHz. Thanks to its innovative approach it replaces traditional rod antennas adding several benefits. It fully meets all MIL-STD and CISPR specifications of the rod antenna and it is a real full compliant CISPR 16-1-1 receiver with the capability of working, via fiber optic link, either stand alone when connected to a PC or connected to a PMM receiver. Nonetheless, it can maintain full legacy with any standard receiver, because it also has the traditional coaxial cable output. However, this way is not recommended as the cable has a significant influence, such as scattering, which is one of the major drawbacks of rod antennas.
The internal receiver structure features preselectors, attenuators and preamplifiers fully controlled either by the internal firmware or manually by the operator. Hence, a test set-up does not need any additional receiver. Moreover, an internal tracking generator allows performing a self-calibration procedure which always guarantees optimum performances, ensuring the accuracy of measurements.
The same internal tracking generator is part of an internal capacitance meter that becomes essential not only for the self-calibration, but also for verifying the grounding effectiveness of the antenna.
Last but not least, the FR4003 can become a field generator. In this case the antenna broadcasts the signal made by the internal signal generator and can thus be used to characterize environments or other receiving set-ups.
In addition to the standard PEMS software, the FR4003 comes also with a controlling software, which can be used when connected to a standard receiver. Thanks to its replaceable Li-Ion battery, the FR4003 can work for several hours with no connection having thus unperturbed field.

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EP-604 Field Probe

The new field probe model EP-604 has exceptional technical specifications: wide frequency range from 300 kHz to 26.5 GHz, 66 dB of dynamic range (0.4 to 800 V / m), flatness of 0.4 dB in the range 0.3 MHz - 26.5 GHz (frequency correction ON) and of 1.8 dB between 10 MHz and 18 GHz (frequency correction OFF), isotropy of 0.4 dB.

EP-604 has been designed for applications characterized by test frequencies in the microwave region with very high levels of field strength, e.g. military and automotive immunity tests.

EP-604 shares with the other models in the series EP-60X the outstanding reliability, durability and autonomy; its size is even smaller - only 45 mm in diameter.

EP-604 is the only field probe for these frequencies to be constituted by three dipoles with a geometrically symmetric structure, thus providing almost ideal isotropy.

The rechargeable Li-Mn button battery provides for dozens of hours of operation; it can be replaced without needing the probe to be re-calibrated.

A robust and convenient plastic optical fiber is used for PC communication via an optical/USB adapter. The supplied software allows for setting the probe parameters as well as to display the field values ​​and data export. DLL are available for inclusion in other software.

The spherical symmetrical layout, the small size and the excellent RF characteristics make the series EP-60X ideal in all EMC / EMI applications (chambers and TEM/GTEM cells), in biology and materials research and wherever fast and accurate measurements with negligible interference by the probe are needed.

ACCREDIA accredited calibration available.

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SHC series Passive Probes

The Voltage Passive probes are ancillaries specifically designed for the measurement of conducted disturbances, either to EUT of line current exceeding the LISN capability and to the disturbances of EUT’s load and control terminals, as required by various generic and product standards: IEC/EN, CISPR etc.
Connected to the RF input of EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers, their primary functions are of: blocking the AC/DC voltages of EUT’s power line, providing a standardized impedance to the disturbance voltages and attenuating the same to preventing the receiver input to saturate or being damaged.
Operating the voltage probes requires the user to apply the necessary safety measures in relation with the AC or DC line voltages.

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SBRF4 RF Switching Box

PMM’s SBRF4 is a versatile RF switching box particularly suitable for scanning in automatic mode, when driven by PMM’s EMI receivers, multi-channel ancillaries as the LLA - Large Loop Antenna - and the conducted immunity set-ups with up to four single-line AMN (LISN).
The internal, selectable 50 Ohm terminations comply with the requirements of those devices that must not remain unterminated on the unselected channels.
The selectable 150 kHz high-pass filter is very useful to cut off unwanted noise from the A-band (9 - 150 kHz) when performing conducted disturbances tests in the B-band (150 kHz - 30 MHz).
The manual mode also allows for using the SBRF4 RF switch in conjunction with any receiver or spectrum analyzer other than PMM’s ones.

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L1-500 Single line LISN for currents up to 500 A

New single-line Artificial Mains Network (LISN) designed for accurate and repeatable measurement of the disturbances  an EUT (Equipment Under Test) may inject into the power line in the frequency range 9 kHz – 30 MHz. Designed in full compliance with CISPR, IEC/EN, VDE and FCC part 15 standards for power circuits DC to 60 Hz, voltages to 230 VAC 325 VDC  and currents up to 300 (500) A. The compact, robust and stable mechanical construction includes forced air circulation, alarm of over-heating and a very large base plate for easy and perfect grounding. Protected, largely sized input-output power connections. Includes switch selector for 250 µH choke coil or bypass.

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DR-01 Antenna “horn” 6 – 18 GHz for radiated emissions and  immunity

New broadband, double-ridged horn antenna of excellent characteristics designed for radiated emissions and immunity applications in the frequency range 6 – 18 Ghz. The axial N connector allows for direct connection - without cable or adapters - to the 18 GHz EMI receiver model 9180. The group antenna-receiver, connected by fiber optic cable to the main unit model 9010, includes preamplifier and preselector, thus providing for unsurpassed sensitivity and significantly reduces overall uncertainty.

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PMM EP-603 Broadband active electric field probe

The appreciated family of Electric Field Probes EP-600, featuring outstanding performances, is now added of the new model EP-603.

Main characteristics:

·         Very wide frequency range: 300 kHz to 18 GHz
·         Excellent dynamic range: 0,17 to 170 V/m
·         Outstanding isotropy thanks to the perfectly spherical symmetrical dipole configuration

These unique characteristics make the new EP-603 particularly suitable for the field homogeneity assessment in the TEM/GTEM based immunity systems, as well as in anechoic chambers.

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PMM 7010 All-in-one EMI Receiver

PMM 7010



We are glad to announce the new EMI receiver model PMM 7010 which takes the baton of the long-time successful
model 7000.  
The new model 7010 matches the concept of all-in-one receiver + LISN of the PMM 7000 with  the PMM 9010-9030  technology, thus obtaining several advantages as indicated in the following comparison with the PMM 7000:  

PMM 7010 PMM 7000 Benefit
Digital RBW filters and detectors Analog only Life-time calibrated
All CISPR detectors Not available Unrestricted applications
Firmware updating by user Not available Keeps 7010 always up to date
Isolated DC power supply Not available Avoid ground loops, reduces noise
9010-style housing   Easier to carry and ship, more robust
PES – PMM Emission Suite software Not available All features of PES

Main characteristics

  • Frequency range:   150 kHz – 1 GHz, single input
  • Resolution (RBW):   9 kHz, 120 kHz (compliant to CISPR 16-1-1)
                                     3, 10, 30, 100, 300 kHz (- 6 dB)  
  • Demodulation:  AM-FM, internal loudspeaker
  • CISPR Detectors:  Peak, Quasi-Peak, Average, RMS, C-Average, RMS-Average (option)
                                  Time-saving Smart Detector function analyzing critical frequencies only  
  • Power supply:   Universal AC adapter and 12V DC  
  • LISN (internal):  150kHz - 30 MHz, 2x16 A  250V, DC ÷ 60 Hz
  • Software:  PMM Emission Suite
  • I/O:   RS232, USB, automatic control of external LISNs and RF switch (SBRF-4)

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PMM 9010F EMI/EMC Receiver, new "Fast" version

The new EMI Receiver PMM 9010F is based on very advanced analog to digital conversion and data processing technology that applies the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency spectrum analysis in full compliance with all the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1. Same modular construction, compact size and low power consumption of the other renowned models in PMM’s Digital Receiv- ers family: PMM 9010, 9010/03P, 9010/30P.


Main characteristics
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 30 MHz, expandable to 3/6/18 GHz by the external modules 9030, 9060, 9180
  • Very low noise floor:  < -24 dBµV in band A, < -7 dBµV in band B
  • Multi-band preselector
  • All CISPR detectors, simultaneous
  • State-of-art digital technology
  • CISPR RBW filters: 200 Hz, 9 KHz (120 kHz, 1 MHz when in conjunction with the external modules)
  • 6 dB RBW filters: 1 – 3 – 10 – 30 – 100 kHz

Performances examples
  • Analyzer mode, frequency span 30 MHz
    • Real time with RBW = 300 kHz
    • With Hold time 1 s:     sweep time = 1 s  
    • With Hold time 50 ms:     sweep time = 1 s  
    • Gapless with RBW = 10 kHz & 9 kHz
    • 300 times faster than 9010 “standard”!
  • Scan/sweep mode, frequency band 9 kHz - 30 MHz
    • Scan time of less 25 second in full CISPR compliance:
      • CISPR RBW: 200 Hz, 9 KHz
      • CISPR detectors: all
      • Hold time: 1 second
      • Preselector: ON
Watch the video on the difference in measurement speed bettween PMM 9010F and PMM 9010


9010F allows for exclusive advantages:
  • When measuring the conducted disturbances of such EUT not able to run all the test time long: various appliances, electric tools, toys, machinery… The 9010F avoid needing to make pre-tests and partial final tests by performing the complete test in seconds instead.
  • In test houses the 9010F cuts the conducted emission test time down nearly to zero: the set-up is available for more tests thus increasing the laboratory productivity.
  • On-site measurements of overhead lines PLT signals interference to radio communication can be done much faster – not negligible when line voltage is of half a MV or so! (RA-01HV antenna recommended)

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PMM VDH-01 Van der Hoofden test-head (IEC 62493)

PMM VDH-01 is a Van der Hoofden test-head designed to meet the specification of the IEC 62493 standard for
the EMF assessment of lighting products in relation to human exposure, requiring the measurements of in-
duced currents in the frequency range 20 kHz - 10 MHz.

  • Physical dimensions and electrical characteristics according to IEC 62493
  • Protection network included
  • Individual calibration
  • Robust, rustproof construction
  • Lightweight Automatic calculation of factor F (in conjunction with PMM Emission Suite and PMM 9010 EMI receiver)

The test-head is composed by a conductive sphere of 210 mm diameter simulating the human head, by a connecting wire simulating the neck and by a passive network that matches the EMI receiver 50 Ohm input impedance and prevents it from overloading.
The PMM VDH-01 can be used with any CISPR-compliant EMI receiver; when used in conjunction with the EMI receiver PMM 9010, the measurement settings and the computing functions are automatically performed by
the PMM Emission Suite software.

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PMM EP-602 Broadband active electric field probe

The appreciated family of Electric Field Probes EP-600, featuring outstanding performances, is now added of the new model EP-602.

Main characteristics:
·         Very wide frequency range: 5 kHz to 9,25 GHz
·         Dynamic range: 1,5 to 1500 V/m
·         Overload: 3000 V/m !

These peculiar characteristics make the new EP-602 particularly suited for the immunity systems in the Automotive, aerospace and military applications, where the field values can be quite high.

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PMM 9010/03P New version of the PMM 9010 EMI Receiver


We are glad to announce the availability of a new version of the EMI receiver mod. 9010/30P, identified as model 9010/03P.

High-performance EMI receiver and analyzer based on latest digital technology for superior characteristics, operability, durability and expandability.

For optimal performance respect to the different measurement requirements, the frequency range   is divided in two separate sections and RF inputs:
10 Hz – 30 MHz:    conducted disturbances in CISPR bands A (9–150 kHz), B (0,15–30 MHz)
30 – 300 MHz:   conducted and radiated disturbances in CISPR band C 

This corresponds to the requirements of several manufacturers of lighting equipment, which makes their emission tests in the band C (30 – 300 MHz) by the CDN alternative method as described in the standard CISPR/IEC 15 - EN 55015.
The purpose is offering a less expensive solution to those manufacturers that don’t make any test above 300 MHz and thus see the 3 GHz solutions as far exceeding their requirements.
The advanced capabilities and reliability of the well-established models 9010 and 9010/30P.

  •   Price reduction. 
  •   Total hardware compatibility with the 9010 family.
  •   Total software compatibility with the PES.
  •   Exclusive possibility of upgrading to 3 GHz, any time! 

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NEW PRODUCT: PMM 9180 - 18 GHz EMI Receiver Unit

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New product: EHP-50D - Electric and Magnetic field Analyzer

EHP-50D is the new electric and magnetic low frequency field analyzer with simultaneous three-axis acquisition.
Long operating autonomy is provided by the new Li-ion rechargeable battery 

EHP-50D provides three different operating modes:

-    “Stand-alone” mode: up to 24 hours acquisition storing results without any connection to external devices.

-    External meter mode: optical fiber connection to NBM-550 hand held meter (option) to display broad band value, automatic measurement at the highest peak frequency, XYZ, spectrum analysis. ICNIRP limits as well as data logger functions are provided.

-    PC mode: optical fiber connection to PC via optical/USB adapter for remote operation through EHP-TS control software (included). ICNIRP as well as user defined limits can be selected to display results in percent of limit. E and H spectrum analysis can be displayed on the same graph. Measurement results are saved in .txt and .bmp formats.

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New product: PMM Cond-IS RF Conducted Immunity System

RF Conducted Immunity System

NARDA Italy has renewed its already well known PMM 6000S/10 RF Immunity System with components and test management software to follow and even overcome latest requirements from the Standard IEC/EN 61000-4-6 and IEC/EN 61000-4-3.
Continuing with the philosophy of a "Modular Approach", which still provides several advantages for actual use and future upgrades of the system when compared to "compact" solutions, main innovations are represented by a completely redesigned software (PIMS), introduction of the new RF Generators PMM 3010 or 3030 and the True RMS Power Meter PMM 6630, all of them remotely driven through USB Ports by any PC.
PMM 6630 power meter can be operated up to 3 GHz, so representing an ideal companion for Radiated Immunity applications as well, in particular when matched to the same frequency range provided by the RF Generator model PMM 3030.

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PMM Immunity Suite Software

The new "PMM Immunity Suite" (PIMS) software, accurately designed in terms of functions and user friendly approach, can manage the whole range of PMM components during both Test and Calibration processes, introducing the possibility of looking at the various monitoring tracks from generator, power meters and field sensors. The software is user friendly and provides a really ergonomic configuration which comfortably drives the operator through the various steps, from definition and selection of HW components to settings of required parameters and finally starting the test with "just one button". Program window has been designed for omni-comprehensive overview of each specific test being performed, so that operator can easily control all details with a quick glance. A graphical scheme of the test set-up clearly reminds about proper physical connections between components, which could slightly differ between Tests and Devices' Calibrations.
In case of Radiated Immunity Tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-3 in Anechoic Chambers or TEM/GTEM Cells, PIMS does also include calibration of radiated field up to 16 points in the grid of Field Uniformity assurance, providing "Amplifier Saturation Check" routine for proper amplifier/antenna matching verification at 80% AM Modulation increased power.

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L1-150M and L1-150M1 Multi-standard Single-path LISN


  • Multi-standard design
  • 0.1 to 200 MHz frequency range
  • Model L1-150M1 10 kHz to 400 MHz frequency range
  • 150 A max output current
  • Large baseplate for optimal grounding
  • Robust, compact construction
  • Screw terminals for safe wiring


PMM L1-150M and L1-150M1 are single-path LISNs (Line Impedance Stabilization Network) designed to
be easily used for conducted disturbances measurements according to different
standards for Automotive and ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) applications: 
CISPR 16-1-2
CISPR 25 / ISO 11452-2/4/5
ISO 7637-2

Selecting the standard is as fast as the turn of a rotary switch located on the rear panel.
It can be used in conjunction with any EMI Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer.

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New product: PMM 9010/30P, EMI Measuring Receiver & Analyzer

PMM 9010/30P EMI Measuring Receiver & Analyzer 10 Hz - 3 GHz.

NARDA-PMM innovative concept in EMC Testing has generated a new EMC/EMI Receiver with a revolutionary approach to the most felt requirements by medium and small size laboratories which don’t feel very comfortable investing in a CISPR 16-1-1 Full-Compliant Receiver for Radiated Frequency Range too.
In practice, to perform truly Full Compliant Radiated Emission Tests, an appropriate test site should be made available for hosting both EUT (Equipment Under Test) and Receiving Antenna separated by 3, 10 or even 30 meters distance, like SAC (Semi-Anechoic Chambers) or OATS (Open Area Test Sites), this usually means an huge investment in terms of RF shielding and absorbing materials.
Nevertheless, with appropriate methodology and care to discriminate as much as possible noise contributions coming from the environment vs. those generated by the EUT, it’s also possible to perform good evaluative radiated emission tests in an Open Space with a Pre-Compliant Receiver and this is exactly the purpose 9010/30P has been designed for in the range 30 - 3000 MHz. On the other side, looking to Conducted Emissions Tests requirements, Full Compliance toward each specific Product Standard can be easily fulfilled with a significantly lower budget investment, i.e. no specific environment is required but only few components (EMI Receiver, LISN or High Voltage Probe, etc.), and that’s why having a Full Compliant Receiver for the range 9 kHz - 30 MHz becomes really convenient just comparing its cost to that of tests performed in a 3rd party laboratory.
In few words, with PMM 9010/30P the mix of Full and Pre-Compliant features provides a perfect match to practical testing requirements, not excluding the possibility of future upgrades to 100% CISPR 16-1-1 Full-Compliance up to 3 or 6 GHz or 18 GHz with simple addition of PMM 9030 or PMM 9060 or PMM 9180 extension units digitally connected through fiber optic cable. All other features provided by previously released PMM 9010 Full-Compliant Receiver remains unchanged in 9010/30P too, including optional Click Analyzer Function and MIL-STD 461 Filters.
The already widely appreciated software “PMM Emission Suite” can properly control 9010/30P as well.

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LP-03 Log Periodic Antenna 0,8 - 6 GHz

• 0,8 to 6 GHz frequency range
• Excellent flatness
• Tripod mounting
• Individual calibration
• Robust, rustproof aluminium construction
• Lightweight
PMM LP-03 is a log-periodic antenna designed for application in radiated EMC.
It can be used in conjunction with any Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer.
Its ideal companion is the EMI Receiver Unit PMM 9060 that can be easily mounted on the antenna mast.
PMM LP-03 is also available in a convenient Antenna Kit AS-03 inclusive of the antennas mod. BC-01 & LP-02 to cover the 30 MHz — 6 GHz frequency range.
The direct connection between antenna and Receiver Unit PMM 9060 eliminates additional sources of uncertainties due to coaxial cable attenuation and scattering.

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EHP-TS - New Software for EHP-50C and EHP-200A management

The software EHP-TS allows management by Personal Computer of electromagnetic field analyzers Narda mod. EHP-50C and EHP-200A.
The fiber optic cable, coming from the field analyzer (max length 40m), is connected to a USB port on your PC via the USB adapter-OC supplied.
The graphical interface of the program allows you to set all parameters of measurement. The commands are grouped into five selectable sections while the measure of spectral analysis is displayed and updated continuously.
It is possible to view on the same graph the measure of both, electric and magnetic fields.
The program sections Sweep, Mode, Limit and Aspect allow parameters setting while Section Data, equipped with controls to manage Marker, displays the numerical results as the field strength, the frequency corresponding to the position of the Marker and the higher peak from the spectral display.

The broadband result is also displayed, it is the quadratic sum of all contributions within the frequency band shown.
The curves of the ICNIRP reference levels are already available while using the "Make Limit" You can create custom limits.
The results can be displayed with different units of measure or as a selectable percentage of the threshold applied.
The measures, complete with personalized feedback, can be saved in graphic form and as text files (txt) in order to be easily imported into other applications such as spreadsheets or word processors.
The application management of the EHP-200 analyzer can show the spectrum of the density of power expressed in W/m2 or mW/cm2.
It is common practice to display the power density as a calculation result that uses related units (intensity of magnetic field calculated on the basis of an electric field). This practice is acceptable only in a distant field.
The spectrum of the power density displayed by EHP-TS in "Dual" mode is calculated based on actual measures of electric and magnetic fields, for this reason it can be used either in far field and near field conditions.
The field measurements for the evaluation of safety in the workplace can be made in this way with minimal effort and high reliability.
The availability of very compact devices with Windows operating system, such as UMPC and similar, make the software EHP-TS ideal for performing measurements with spectral analysis on the ground in a smooth and light equipment.

The EHP-TS software is composed of the following applications:

EHP50 TS: spectral analysis measure management on a PC with EHP-50C analyzer.
EHP50C - Stand Alone mode: setup / download of data for measurements carried out by EHP-50C in "stand alone mode" (no connection to the probe).
EHP-50 Firmware Update: utility for EHP-50C analyzer firmware update.
EHP200 TS: spectral analysis measure management on a PC with EHP-200 analyzer
EHP-200 Firmware Update: utility for EHP-200 analyzer firmware update.
Uninstall EHP-TS: Procedure to uninstall the EHP-TS package.



The accredited calibration of magnetic field sensors at low frequency becomes more accessible

Continuing our traditional vocation for excellence in metrology began twenty years ago as PMM Srl, today Narda STS Srl is pleased to announce the accreditation of its own Calibration Center, located in Cisano sul Neva (Italy), also for the Magnetic Induction Standard, in the measuring range from 100 nT to 500 µT and in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

This accreditation is an ideal extension to that already achieved in the past for the Electromagnetic Field Strength Standard, bringing the possibility of checking the calibration of the field sensors in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 18 GHz

This ambitious goal, which places Narda STS Srl at the top of the accredited laboratories in the world, was achieved thanks to the significant structure and considerable expertise made in our laboratory of Cisano sul Neva.

For the users of accredited calibrations that results in substantial benefits, expressed in terms of time and cost, two of the most important factors that Narda STS Srl combine with the highest methodological rigor and metrology.

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New product: PMM 3030 - PMM 3010, wide band RF Signal generators

PMM 3030 wide band RF Signal generator 9 kHz - 3 GHz.

PMM 3030 is a wide band RF Signal generator specifically designed for EMC applications, covering the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz, thus allowing the realization of immunity tests according to the latest standards. It is fully automatic and programmable via USB, RS232 and GPIB (external adapter). Due to his performances it is an ideal tool for all EMC immunity test applications, including integration in systems. A peculiar characteristic of the PMM 3030 is the optional internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery allowing ground-loop free operation.

PMM 3010 wide band RF Signal generator 9 kHz - 1 GHz.

PMM 3010. New RF Generator covering the frequency range 9 kHz 1 GHz: an optimal cost/performance component for those immunity tests not requiring higher frequencies. Like the 3 GHz model PMM 3030, it features internal AM & Pulse modulations. USB/RS232 remote control and AC/DC supply as standard; optional GPIB-IEEE488 available.

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New product: PMM EP600 - PMM EP601

The PMM EP600 active broadband electric field probe offers superior performances in the 100 kHz - 9,25 GHz frequency range, 0,14 - 140 V/m.

PMM EP601 10 kHz - 9,25 GHz  0,5 - 500 V/m.


Electric field probes combining excellent RF characteristics from 10 kHz up to 9,25 GHz, wide range (0,14 - 140 V/m, EP-600; 0,5 - 500 V/m, EP-601), small size, light weight (25 g only), true spherical symmetrical configuration.
The advanced internal Li-Mn rechargeable battery guarantees superior reliability with up to 80 hours of continuous operation.
PC direct connection via Optical to RS232/USB adapters, up to 40 m.
Suitable for all EMC/EMI applications (chambers and TEM/GTEM cells), biology, materials research and wherever fast and accurate measurements with negligible or minimum interference of the probe to the field under measure are essential.
Accredited calibration provided.

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New product: PMM 9010 9030 9060 Emission Suite Software

PMM 9010/9030/9060 Emission Suite PC software.
A powerful Software Utility that add PMM 9010, PMM 9030 and PMM 9060 receivers of extremely useful functions to control measurements as well as to collect, analyze and post-process data safely and easily as never before.

New product: PMM 9010 4 channels Click Analyzer


The PMM 9010 4 channels Click Analyzer allows the User to perform measurements of discontinuous disturbances on four frequencies simultaneously in a straightforward and easy way.

  • Fully digital design for superior performance, designed around CISPR-14-1
  • wide memory to store each disturbance duration and interval
  • automatic evaluation of Click Rate N
  • automatic use of Exceptions
  • exclusive Smart Measure function to speed up tests
  • real time displaying of all events including click details
  • generation of a Report with all mandatory data (and more)
  • can be tailored to users' requirements: basic single-channel solution or full four channel configuration

New product: PMM 9060

PMM 9060 EMC/EMI Receiver 30 MHz - 6 GHz.

PMM 9060 is the frequency extension unit that brings the popular, outstanding full-compliant EMI Receiver PMM 9010 up to the 6 GHz frequency for radiated emission tests. Thanks to its small size, battery power and high-speed optical link the PMM 9060 can be installed directly on the antenna connector thus dramatically reducing the measurement uncertainties due to coax cables and connectors. Full compliance to CISPR 16-1-1 and latest addenda.

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New product: PMM 6630 USB RF Power Sensor

PMM 6630 USB RF Power Sensor,  9 kHz - 3 GHz, 100 nW - 1 W.

The PMM 6630 is the ideal solution for RF power measurements in a wide variety of applications, including EMC immunity test systems to calibrate CDN and Clamps as well as  to measure the input power of antennas or GTEM cells. Together with a directional coupler both direct and reflect power can be measured easily and precisely. PMM 6630 is supplied with easy to use PC software to display the measurements in dBm, W, Vrms.

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