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  Immunity Systems

Specially designed to meet specific regulations, Narda immunity systems offer a simple solution at low cost. Designed with a philosophy of a "modular approach" provide several benefits for future upgrades while remaining compact.

PMM  Cond-IS - Conducted immunity system 10 kHz - 230 Mhz, IEC/EN 6100-4-6PMM

NARDA Italy has renewed its already well known PMM 6000S/10 RF Immunity System with components and test management software to follow and even overcome latest requirements from the Standard IEC/EN 61000-4-6 and IEC/EN 61000-4-3.
Continuing with the philosophy of a "Modular Approach", which still provides several advantages for actual use and future upgrades of the system when compared to "compact" solutions, main innovations are represented by a completely redesigned software (PIMS), introduction of the new RF Generators 3010 or 3030 and the True RMS Power Meter 6630, all of them remotely driven through USB Ports by any PC.
6630 power meter can be operated up to 3 GHz, so representing an ideal companion for Radiated Immunity applications as well, in particular when matched to the same frequency range provided by the RF Generator model 3030.


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PMM  RAD-IS - Radiated immunity system 9 kHz - 3 GHz, 1500 V/M, IEC/EN 6100-4-3Top of page PMM

Unlikely the EMC Conducted Immunity System (refer to “PMM Cond-IS” documentation) for residential and industrial EUTs (Equipments Under Test) testing, “RF Radiated Immunity” compliance verification as for Standard IEC/EN 61000-4-3 requires a proper shielded and absorber lined testing enclosure where to inject required EM field-strength levels.
Depending on selected testing environment, which could be for example a Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC) or a GTEM Cell, some components to be used in the testing chain may significantly change, like Amplifiers or Antennas, while some others can remain the same at least up to 3 GHz, like Generator, Power Meter, Field Probe and Software for automatic management of both Calibration and Testing phases.
A so called “Radiated Immunity System” can still be defined for almost 80% of required components and that’s exactly why NARDA STS Italy has created “PMM Rad-IS” to fulfil core requirements of such kind of testing, leaving an open choice only for Amplifiers and Antennas/GTEMs to be driven as “slave units” while selected case by case according to the various EM field-strength levels.

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PMM  AUT-IS - Automotive system, ISO 11452-4 and ISO 11452-5Top of page PMM

PMM 6000N

The AUT-IS system is mainly based on the international standard ISO 11452 and provides three separate sections for BCI (Both Open and Closed Loop methods). Stripline and more general Radiate testing procedures, are all managed from the same platform through software "PIMS" (PMM Immunity Suite).

The "PIMS" is the well-known Narda PMM suite that can handle all of EMC RF immunity tests for Automotive applications (AUT-IS), Conducted (COND-IS) and Radiated (RAD-IS).

Using a common software environment, it helps the operator to define the various components and set-up of all parameters for each type of test with exactly the same approach, without having to deal with three or more different interfaces.


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